Bonelli NorAm 2011

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Sunday started off with some rain and continued with spotted rain through the morning. Racers had a blast trying to negotiate the right hander in the wet. When it came to racing the clouds parted in the sky and allowed for great racing with a dry track. Here is a list of the Podium winners

Classic Luge

Frank Williams USA
Scott Peer USA
Ronnie Iverson USA

Street Luge 
Mark Barfield USA
Mike McIntrye USA
Dj Fallon USA
James Olson USA

Junior 1 Downhill Skateboard 
Mason Shin USA
Nora Manger USA

Junior 2 Downhill Skateboard 
Gabriel Shin USA

Downhill Skateboard 
Anders Inde SWE
Erik Lundberg SWE
Daniel Luna USA
Alex Gradillas USA

Downhill Inline 
Scott Peer USA
George Merkert USA
Gabe Holm USA
Focke Warren USA

Downhill Inline IIDA 
Craig Ellis USA
Scott Peer USA
Gabe Holm USA
Gregoine Pinto FRA