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San Dimas, CA, USA - For many years multiple promoters have held events at this venue.  The events under the IGSA banner at this venue had been going for 9 straight years and 8 of those years the 90 degree crash corner course has been run.  The 2014 event had to be cancelled for many logistical issues and course conditions that did not allow us to continue for 10th straight year.

Many of the issues that interfered with the 2014 event have been renegotiated and resolved which is allowing us to announce that the Bonelli NorAm will be back for its 10th year and 9th year for the NorAm October 3-4, 2015.

AJ Haiby has taken the last 3 wins in Downhill Skateboarding with Daniel Luna taking the last 2 years in Junior 2 DSB at this venue.  Will Luna now step up and take the title away from AJ or will there be a new comer that will try to claim the title?


There have been many great names that have come and competed at this venue and laid down their mark.  There are so many great riders that have laid down some urethane on this asphalt like, Aj Haiby, Patrick Switzer, Kolby Parks, Andrew Chapman, Silva Douglas, Andre Preto, Max Capps, Jackson Shapiera, Brent Dubendorff, Keith Henderson, Roger Bros, Noah Sakamoto, Scoot Smith, Kevin Reimer, Thomas Edstrand, Roger Hickey, Waldo Autry, and even Andy Lally.


All and all this is an event you don’t want to miss.


We would also like to Thank all of the sponsors, workers and everyone else that has supported this venue throughout the many great years.